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Shieldgreen Earthing Therapy&EMF Shielding Square Pad + Earthing Holder + Earthing Snap

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• Earthing Therapy & EMF shielding
• Basic + Focus Earthing
• High Quality Material
• Safety Earthing
• Washing Possible (Washing at gentle cycle 30°C & Use neutral detergent)

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 Some people experience the effects of earthing therapy very strongly soon, but others cannot.But even if you don't feel it, the ground terrapy is doing well.In some cases, it takes a long time. If you suspect, check the ground environment and replace it. if you think it is effects and detailed usage information, please refer to the following additional instructions.
Fabric care:1.Washing at gentle cycle 30°C & Use neutral detergent 2.Roll and wash the earthing side inside 3.Use a laundry net 4.If it smells,Soak the laundry in a water little vinegar and wash it 5.Don't wash it often 6.Don't use much detergent,Softner 7.Do not use hand washing,hand dehydration 8.No dryers, No bleaching, No chemical dry-cleaning
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 Shieldgreen Earthing Therapy&EMF Shielding Square Pad + Earthing Holder + Earthing Snap
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 1 year
 Staric(Stainless steel)
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 Earthing Therapy Square Pad+Holder+Snap
Unique Selling Points.Top 3 most important features
 -Complex Earthing: 1.Basic whole body Earthing Therapy: Padding pad with earthing holder or Earthing snap or use simultaneously 2.Body part focus massage earthing: Remove the earthing holder from the padding pad and massage the body parts with the disc connected ground wire.Whole body and Fosus part massage earthing therapy can be used at the same time or separately. -Material : Earthing side: Staric(Stainless steel fiber(25%)+Cotton(41%)+Polyester(34%)(Charcoal color, No metal plating, No nano metal & heavy metal pollution), Other side: Non-slip,Side bias: Cotton(Charcoal color),(Recommendation)If you have metal allergies, don't use earthing therapy products. -Earthing Therapy Benefits 1. Earthing therapy blocks and reduces electromagnetic wave absorption .(This product does not shield magnetic field. It does not block all the frequency bands of the phone but reduces the signal.) 2. Reduces rising potential due to absorption of electromagnetic waves, and gains natural negative ions through the ground line connected to the ground, and keeps you in an isopotential state as possible. 3. According to the earthing therapy Test and research data released to NCBI(National Center for Biotechnology Information) the improvement of blood flow by eliminating the phenomenon of red blood cells due to electromagnetic waves, reduction of pain, improvement of sleep quality by increase of melatonin, reduction of stress hormone cortisol, health benefit. Please refer to the data.
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Shieldgreen Earthing Therapy&EMF Shielding Square Pad + Earthing Holder + Earthing Snap
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