Non-contact thermometer Fever365 (MDM-1000)
- Unique design with body thermometer icon motif - Heimann Sensor of Germany Verified Thermopile infrarde Temperature Sensor AQ17033.4℃~43℃±0.2℃- Intuitive Four-Color Backlight Display: You can check by seeing, and then double check by hearing- Silent mode: Beep sound ON/OFF function...
evoray UV-C Air Sterilization Mask
•EVORAY UV-C mask is the world's first air sterilization mask that cansterilize and inactivate viruses and bacteria in the air entering the mask inreal time.•EVORAY mask has 6 of 275nm UV-C LEDs and has a air container withAl(aluminum) coated so...
Wearable air purifier mask
• Due to the different facial features, fine dust can enter between the existing masks. But AIRPROM is perfectly adhering to the face and completely blocks off external pollutants by applying silicon through ergonomic design.• It is also equipped with...
Massage for any part of body such as neck, shoulder, back, arms, legs. - Hot & Cool Massage - Tapping Vibration Massage - Adjustable massage temperature and intensity - Rechargeable wireless - 1 x massager, 1 x manual, 1 x...
ZESPA Balance Touch Slim Massage Chair Pad
Chair-type massager that can massage your entire back. - 4 powerful rolling massage balls which rotate 360-degree and 2 acupressure massage balls - Intensive massage is possible for each part.
ZESPA Sweet Back Massage Chair Pad
4 powerful massage balls rotate 360 degrees and move up and down, releasing intensive muscles on the back and waist. In addition, detachable neck cushion is equipped with a powerful vibration motor, allowing vibration massage not only in the neck...
ZESPA BLACK CORE Cushion Massager
With warming function, it makes your muscle relax warmly. It is a cushion massager that relieves fatigue through effective massage that feels like a hand massage with 12 powerful 3D massage balls. Rechargeable wireless type allows easy use regardless of...
ZESPA Cushion Massager
Possible to massage various areas comfortably anytime, anywhere. - Strength adjustment / rotation direction switchable - Warming function - More effective massage with 4 massage balls - Rotary Roller Massage with 360-degree rotation - Vibration Massage gently loosens the lumpy...
ZESPA Active Air Hand Massager
With strong air pressure and acupressure bump, it massage your entire hand in three dimensions. With 3 mode and 3 intensity controls, pneumatic massage is possible through some air cells that cover the entire hand. The shiatsu massage is also...
ZESPA Duel Power Foot Massager
Air and rolling massage make it possible to take care of your entire foot including top of the foot, sole and heel. The warm function wraps your feet warmly to relieve fatigue. Simple cover removal makes it wash easy and...
Massage for any part of body such as neck, shoulder, back, arms, legs in order to relieve muscle pain - POWERFUL 3,300 RPM PERCUSSION MOTOR - 10 Replaceable Massage Heads - Adjustable Massage Intensity - Touchscreen control panel - 1...
Massage for any part of body such as neck, shoulder, back, arms, legs. - Rechageable wireless - Adjustable Massage Intensity & Speed - 6 Modes - 3 Replaceable Massage Heads - 1 x massager, 1 x adaptor, 3 x massage...
ZESPA Eco Solution Neck & Shoulder Massager
It is designed ergonomically so it allows delicate and gentle neck and shoulder massage. It’s operated easily with 3 operation buttons. The 3D massage ball adheres gently to the bone and rotates forward and backward, so it makes possible to...
ZESPA Bubble Shiatsu Sleepers
It has a stylish design to catch the eye. It is a shiatsu slipper made of EVA material that becomes acupressure while walking. It helps blood circulation and health care. It has 2 size(S/M) so it is designed to be...
ZESPA Jade Healing Shiatsu Sleepers
Rotating spring acupressure bumps on ZESPA Jade Healing Shiatsu Sleepers could revolve and do up-and-down motion as soon as they are touched your foot, so It could massage your entire foot by adjusting the intensity. The elastic springs do not...
LOABELL LED mask made of 28 LEDs would keep your skin healthy by penetrating 5 kinds of LED lights evenly and deeply into your skin. Self skin care can be done easily and conveniently at your home. It can be...
ZESPA LAX NECK CARE Neck & Shoulder Massager
You can relax your body by using this neck & shoulder massage as if a professional masseur does it by their hands. The ergonomic 4D massage ball would fit tightly to your neck and shoulders, allowing you to experience a...
ZESPA Healing Touch Sense Foot Massager
3D foot massage device that massage your toes and entire soles amazingly. Easily adjust velocity and direction in 3 steps. You can use it safely by the 15 minutes automatic time-off function. Yon can use it not only foot but...
[WELT] Healthcare IoT Smart Belt
WELT is 'Healthcare IoT Smart Belt' that manages user's wellness. * Well designed weight management service with Rich Data -WELT tracks your excessive Calorie intake by detecting an unusual increase in the stomach’s size (aka. overeating) as well as Waist...
Won the World Women's Invention Contest. Daepyung Nam Jong Hyun Award for Invention Culture (Biotechnology Biotechnology) USA Merquiz whoswho Albert Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award Received the Seoul Hybrid Award. Patent Korea patent registration, (USA, Japan, China, India, European application) Design...
Rapha Peri Alpha α
• Pine needle cleans blood and blood vessel, and contains more than 130 ingredients good for invigorating vital energy, improving immunity, producing and protecting skin tissues, cardiovascular, brain cell, cerebral nerve protection, etc. Especially, it is good for blood and...
Bone Conduction Sound Therapy Cervical Pillow
Bone Conduction Music Sound Therapy Neck and Cervical Traction High Density Magic Foam Standard/Queen? Therapeutic Sleeping Pillow
Smart wearable Diet Belt
Our product is called LumiDiet and it is the world’s first and most innovative diet belt.We call LumiDiet a personal wearable LED diet belt and we introduced clinically proven LED light therapy technology to break down your abdominal fat cells....
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