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NUDE NAIL glass nail shiner

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• Give the nail glossy effect • Make the nail shape tidy and smooth • Created from the advanced technology • High Quality of glass material • Natural Self nail care product

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Product description:
With independent semiconductor process technique possession, the NUDE NAIL Glass nail shiner of our company has outstanding quality.
Compare to the disposable sand paper type products, it is washable and disinfectant clean is possible, so usable for about one year, also can be used for both glossing and contouring, and has patent rights in relations to that.
It is made from 100% of glass that is used for PDP TV, so harmless to human body. It has been successfully passed the RoHS 6 toxic substances examination as well as undetected in toxic substances. Moreover, because it is a self nail product that is convenient and easy to use, so men and women of all ages are able to use.
By this product, people can make nail shiny without nail polish for just a few second, so this is the perfect way for self nail.
Important information:
It is a healthy nail care that gives gloss effect and trimming at the same time. Because it is solid and transparent as crystal, it could be easily used any where and any time even by children. Applied sophisticated techniques of semiconductor and TV manufacturing!
As a %100 glass material it can be used for a year!

• Three Steps to Wow
Step 1: Filing
Use the included filing insert to file your nails to your desired shape. Although you can file your fingernails to any shape you wish, Amopé Pedi Perfect recommends a square shape for your toenails to prevent ingrown nails.
Step 2: Buffing
Use the included buffing insert to smoothen the top surface of your nails to even them out and prepare them for polishing. Take care not to buff each nail for more than 15 seconds every 2 weeks to avoid overuse.
Step 3: Polishing
Use the included shining insert to polish your nails to give them a natural looking shine. Repeat this step as needed until you achieve your desired level of shine.
Is there a safety stop function?
Yes. The safety stop function stops the nail care unit when there is too much pressure on the nail.


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 NUDE NAIL glass nail shiner
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 NUDE NAIL glass nail shiner
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Composite Wood
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 Y(Breakable glass)
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NUDE NAIL glass nail shiner
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