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BETACAN - High-moisture Beta glucan ampoule (Colorless, fragrance-free, nonalcoholic)

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With extraction of the high purity refined material of β-1,3-Glucan obtained by growing the mycelium of Schizophyllum commune Fr. to create natural moisturizing factors, we put the moisture element in the disposable ampoule capsule so that they can exist between the elastic fiber and collagen fiber.

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 [High moisture care disposable ampoule]
The product is a disposable ampoule without preservatives that keeps moisture from evaporating and absorbs and keeps moisture at the same time, because the high moisture ingredient β-1,3-Glucan is contained.
[High moisturizing ability, Healthy skin]
The product keeps your skin healthy and soft by supplying moisture to the skin and providing the skin texture with moisturizing effects for a long time.
It fills the inside and outside of the skin with moisture. The high purity refined product of β-1,3-Glucan that gives elasticity to the skin also is helpful to the activation of macrophages along with skin soothing effects as it stimulates growth factors of skin cells.
● Patented disposable ampoule container without preservatives & daily care
It is the only disposable ampoule container for cosmetics that can be filled with the content by the BFS (Blow Fill Seal) system simultaneously with molding the disposable ampoule. As the ingredient is packed in the disposable ampoule container of excellent safety, its spoilage by contact between the skin and air is blocked to the maximum.
It is a container to be used safely even by those who have sensitive skin as fresh and pure cosmetic material can be used. With its soft material, the container is a disposable ampoule container to be carried and used easily.
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 BETACAN - High-moisture Beta glucan ampoule (Colorless, fragrance-free, nonalcoholic)
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 ● BETACAN - High-moisture Beta glucan ampoule (Colorless, fragrance-free, nonalcoholic) ● Patented disposable ampoule container without preservatives & daily care
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BETACAN - High-moisture Beta glucan ampoule (Colorless, fragrance-free, nonalcoholic)
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