Skin brighteningImproves skin tone, texture, firmness, and elasticityMoisturizes and hydrates the skinSupplies nutrients to the skin and protects the skin from external stress factors
disposable syringe type vaginal moisturizer WETTRUST VM providing relief from the symptoms of menopausal and post-menopausal vaginal dryness and also supporting natural lubrication
• Intended use: Feminine moisturizer for intravaginal use purpose• Active ingredients: Lactic acid, hyaluronate• Applicator instructions: 1) Open the individual wrapper and take out the applicator. 2) Hold the protective cap with fingers and remove the cap by bending at...
Jejuon Cuthera Turmeric Mask
- Antioxidant moisturizing mask - Sheet made of long fiber from naturally biodegradable cotton provides effective ingredients delivered to skin. - Containing lotus leaf and jeju turmeric - NON-IRRITATING TEST PASS
SHINEPH 12EA-Pkg-Patented Disposable Feminine Cleanser, Completed 6 Clinical Test, Moisture Gel-Type, Natural Ingredients
• It is used patented applicator in Korea.• It is registered in design in Korea, China, Japan, EU, USA.• It is contained 16 Natural Ingredients.• It is completed 6 Clinical Test (Dermis density, Elasticity, Moisturizing, Skin tone improvement, Skin irritation,...
Celluver Triple Black Perfume Shampoo 1926.Marilyn 500ml,1994.Matilda 500ml,1989.Taylor 500ml,1864.Venus 500ml1997,Chloe 500ml
Various hair solution care and the signature scent of the seller are included in each product.1. Marilyn: soothing to the scalp, raspberry flavour2. Matilda: Volume Elasticity, Fioni fragrance3. Taylor: Cooling & Deep Clean, Tulip flavor4. Venus: Moisturizing Water, Apple Rose...
Lalarecipe Heart Goggle Moisture Mask 10pcs - moisturizing, avocado extract, Hyaluronic acid, lifting care, for cheeks, soothing care, Natural Ingredients (10pcs) made in Korea
LALARECIPE Heart Goggle Brightening Mask stars falling down on my face. Heart Goggle Avocado Moisturizing Mask sheet that Helps intensive moisture and lifting effects. The unique Heart goggle design enables moisturizing and lifting care for the cheeks as well as...
Compact Storage Basket YELLOW
-The simple and neat design makes the storage basket highly utilized-The cozy yellow color makes the atmosphere much more warm-The handle makes it easy to move even under heavy weight-The sections divided into partitions make it easier to organize-The baskets...
• Low molecular collagen peptide double functional - Can help to moisturizing skin - Helps to maintaining skin health from skin damage caused by ultraviolet rays • Absorbed and delieved with combined structure directly to such collagen-rich parts in human...
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