Skinmiso Pure Vitamin-C Cream

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"• Pure vitamin C • 71% vitamin tree water • Vitamin capsule • Nano-liposome • Brightening & wrinkle"
Brightening & wrinkle reduction, a dual functional cosmetic
A cream that soothes and brightens the skin.

After we made ceramide, lecithin, and plant extracts into fine particles of 50~100nm, we turned them to transparent nano-liposomes.  Nono-liposomes make active ingredients to absorb more effectively into the skin

Vitamin capsule

The capsule has the structure that stores active ingredients inside the hydrogel. It helps reduce damage to vitamins so that they can be delivered to the skin in an intact form. As the capsule bursts, it moisturizes the skin.

Contains 71% vitamin tree water, large enough amounts help soothe and moisturize the skin, which is especially useful if any irritation occurred while using the serum.
A fully-functional cosmetic on its own for brightening and wrinkle reduction, as well as an assistant to the serum.
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 Skinmiso Pure Vitamin-C Cream
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 Pure Vitamin-C Cream
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 "• Pure vitamin C • 71% vitamin tree water • Brightening & wrinkle"
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Skinmiso Pure Vitamin-C Cream
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