Pre-school AR English learning tool with app and alphabet card

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AR ENGLISH is a program that allows children to enjoy learning basic English by using a mirror reflective technology.

AR ENGLISH is a blended learning program for preschoolers and early grade-shoolers which consists of an educational app and actual alphabet cards. In this program, children can learn standard English pronunciation, identify the letters of the English alphabet and practice spelling in fun ways. This program can develop children’s English listening skills and letter identification. Furthermore, it also can promote fine motor skills and brain development of young children. AR ENGLISH is a program designed to make basic English learning fun. Using this program, children can learn standard English pronunciations and words through high-quality pictures.  A New Way to Learn English That Makes Your Children See, Hear, Touch and Think.

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 Pre-school AR English learning tool with app and alphabet card
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 South Korea
 1 month
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 AR English
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 -Fun way to learn Enlgish pronunciation and alphabet-Blended learning program which includes alphabet cards and educational app-Recommended age: preschoolers to early grade-schoolers
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Pre-school AR English learning tool with app and alphabet card
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