BRAINPLUS Chicken Fillets

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Physiological activation extracted from balloon flower roots is a dog snack that improves cognitive function by promoting the activity of brain cells.

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1. It helps dogs grow their brains and promote their development, and helps older dogs prevent dementia.
2. It is a human-grade product made of fresh and healthy ingredients, and 100% domestic ingredients are used. (Salmon: Imported products)
3. It is a self-developed Retort-sterilized product that can be stored for a long time and does not add any chemical additives, preservatives, antibiotics, pigments or spices
4. Physiological activations extracted from the roots of the balloon flower roots promote the activity of brain cells, helping to improve cognitive function

Full Product Name
 BRAINPLUS Chicken Fillets
Excluded Ship States
Country of Origin
 South Korea
 18 months
 - pet snack : skin color - packing : blue
 Chicken tenderloin, balloon flower extract
Brand Name (Hitrons)
Short Product Name
 BRAINPLUS Chicken Fillets
Unique Selling Points.Top 3 most important features
 - Cognitive function improvement - nutritional supplementary food- No preservatives, no additives, no colorants, no fragrances, no compounds
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Item compliant with Proposition 65
MSDS Required?
Reg Comp HazMat
Chemical Indicator
 Water not more than 50.1%, Crude proteins not less than 45.7%, Crude Ash not more than 4.5%, Crude Fats not more than 3.5%,
Pesticide Indicator
Aerosol Indicator
RPPC Indicator
Battery Type
Fuel Restriction (Empty Container)
Composite Wood
CPSC Regulated Indicator
Paper/Wood Indicator
Mercury Indicator
Is Perishable
Is Temperature Controlled
Has Expiration
For Ages Children Products Only
Choking Hazard? Children Products Only
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BRAINPLUS Chicken Fillets
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