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Smart wearable Diet Belt

Smart wearable Diet Belt

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By Double H

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USA: Hitrons Solutions Inc.
  • Short Product Name : Smart wearable Diet Belt
  • Brand Name : H.S.I.
  • Model No : LUM-100


• World first Slimming Belt using LED Light
• Anywhere at anytime you can wear it
• Fat Reduction Techonolgy using LED Light Energy
• No Pain, No Stress

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Our product is called LumiDiet and it is the world’s first and most innovative diet belt.
We call LumiDiet a personal wearable LED diet belt and we introduced clinically proven LED light therapy technology to break down your abdominal fat cells. There have been quite a few abdomen-related products and regardless of effectiveness, they have been selling in large volumes to a lot of countries, which means that there is a strong demand for these types of products and as long as the product brings result, we believe there is a strong potential in the market. Actually, light therapy has been around for decades in various areas. These days, lasers have been utilized in hospitals and clinics for skin care, hair regrowth, and pain relief. However, these lasers are relatively expensive and need special treatment performed by experts. On the other hand, LEDs are very cost-effective and it’s safe. Also, wearables for fat reduction is very new to market.

There has been a lot of personal wearables devices but there’s no other device yet in the market with LED light therapy technology for reducing body fat. In addition, his new concept can satisfy a lot of potential customers as people are building more interest in health and beauty aspect. They want to look good, look fit, and they want to stay healthy. This is why we believe we have a great potential in current market. LumiDiet’s simplicity and lightweight feature and its rechargeability makes the device very convenient. All these features will allow users to wear LumiDiet anywhere at any time. Users will not have to commit extra time and most importantly, anyone can use it.

The main technology behind our product is called LFRT, which stands for light fat reduction technology. LED light from 188 LED lamps which is composed of NIR and RED target fat cell layer up to visceral fat, which is at the very inside of your belly. They penetrate up to 4~5 cm inside your body, and once the fat cells absorb the light, mitochondria will be triggered and start to produce energy that fat cells can use to break down themselves into smaller particles. After the stage, smaller particles will flow around inside your body system and eventually they can be disposed naturally or by exercise. In other words, LumiDiet can make your body a great environment to lose abdominal fat by breaking them down into smaller particles. We’ve done several clinical test, one of them is actually approved by the IRB.

The participants were instructed to maintain their diet and exercise habit. According to the result, 60% the group who had been treated with our product lost more than 2 cm and 30% lost more than 2.5 cm. Our LFRT technology is an optimized formula of elements such as wavelength, power and energy. By taking these elements into consideration and combining these factors, we were able to create and develop the light that can actually help people lose their body fat. We also added IoT function to our product by developing our own mobile application that can allow users to connect their device to their smartphones and measure their body fat by using the sensors, track user history and see how much they lost over the period. Currently we are selling in Korea through homeshopping channel and so far we had about 60 airings and 34 airings recorded sell out, which is equivalent to 60K units within a year. Not only we sold a large number of units, many customers who bought our product really liked it and over 2500 customer reviews and 97% customer satisfaction level proves and shows that our product actually works.

Full Product Name LUMIDIET is world first slimming belt using LED Light. Light energy breaks down abdominal fat cell.
Excluded Ship States AK, GU, HI, PR, VI
Unique Selling Points. Top 3 most important features
Country of Origin KR
Warranty 1 year
Color White/Black
Material PC
PRICE and Product Dimension

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Price Price upon request
Master Pack Length (inch) 12.20
Master Pack Height (inch) 28.00
Master Pack Weight (pound) 27.30
Shipping Length (inch) 11.50
Shipping Height (inch) 5.30
Shipping Weight (pound) 2.70
Assembled Product Length (inch)
Assembled Product Width (inch)
Assembled Product Height (inch)
Assembled Product Weight (pound)

Additional Information

Item compliant with Proposition 65 N
Certifications? KC, FCC, Canada IC, TELEK, SRRC
MSDS Required? Y
Reg Comp HazMat N
Chemical Indicator N
Pesticide Indicator N
Aerosol Indicator N
RPPC Indicator N
Battery Type Littum polymer
Fuel Restriction (Empty Container) N
Composite Wood N
CPSC Regulated Indicator N
Paper/Wood Indicator N
Mercury Indicator N
Is Perishable N
Is Temperature Controlled Y
Has Expiration N
Fragile N
For Ages Children Products Only
Choking Hazard? Children Products Only

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