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Nemo Innvation "Smart" Healing Four Way Shower

Nemo Innvation "Smart" Healing Four Way Shower

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By Magic Edu Global

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USA: Hitrons Solutions Inc.
SOUTH KOREA: Magic Edu Global
  • Short Product Name : Nemo Innovation
  • Brand Name : Wiser Living
  • Model No : MGE-001


1. Four way water system: Power, Sunflower, Massage and, Silk.

2. Comes with the hose & bracket

3. For Power Shower, saves up to 40% of water.

4.High-pressure water

* Sending a free sample request is determined by Hitrons's discretion.

Additional Information

Description 1. Known for “Healing” Shower, disperses the water into super fine particles using 220 spray holes.
2. Releases up to 40,000 negative ions that will give you relaxation-similar to what you’d experience standing next to a waterfall.
3. Power Shower saves up to 40% of water.
4. Well-known in South Korea’s home shopping for high-pressure water.
Full Product Name Nemo Innvation "Smart" Healing Four Way Shower
UPC 850009028013
Excluded Ship States Only in USA
Unique Selling Points. Top 3 most important features 1. High Pressure Water
2.Four Way Water System
3. Saves 40% of water
Country of Origin KR
Warranty 6 Months
Color .Chrome-Black
Material ABS
PRICE and Product Dimension

Additional Information

Price Price upon request
Master Pack Length (inch) 12.20
Master Pack Height (inch) 3.50
Master Pack Weight (pound) 1.75
Shipping Length (inch) 12.20
Shipping Height (inch) 3.50
Shipping Weight (pound) 2.00
Assembled Product Length (inch)
Assembled Product Width (inch)
Assembled Product Height (inch)
Assembled Product Weight (pound)

Additional Information

Item compliant with Proposition 65 N
Certifications? Certificate of Origin, Certification of Design Registration
MSDS Required? N
Reg Comp HazMat N
Chemical Indicator N
Pesticide Indicator N
Aerosol Indicator N
RPPC Indicator N
Battery Type N
Fuel Restriction (Empty Container) N
Composite Wood N
CPSC Regulated Indicator N
Paper/Wood Indicator N
Mercury Indicator N
Is Perishable N
Is Temperature Controlled N
Has Expiration N
Fragile N
For Ages Children Products Only N
Choking Hazard? Children Products Only N

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